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how did law survive doflamingo

Nami thanked Law, but promptly retracted it and asked for her body back. Doflamingo shot Law eight times in various places, mocking the word "Corazon" on Law's jacket. After hearing about how Kanjuro helped Kin'emon escape from Doflamingo's men, Luffy declared that they should save him too. Age: Doflamingo angrily asked what Law was implying with all of his references to Corazon in his tattoos and his crew name. Law gave Luffy one last chance to change his mind, but Luffy still wanted to have the alliance and agreed to convince the rest of his crew of their intentions. As their fight went on, Luffy stumbled upon Law's body. A look of pain was set on her young face. [97], Law then teleported Rebecca away before Doflamingo could injure her with his attacks. They opened the shutters, allowing everyone outside to escape the poison gas. Before he could reveal his next step however, Law was immediately distracted by Luffy calling out from outside the cage with Robin. In some appearances, he sometimes have piece of food stuck to his face. Law then mocked Trebol's loyalty to Doflamingo, angering him. After giving Caesar back his heart, Law instructed Nami's group to head for Zou. Affiliations: There was no middle ground. He furiously yelled that despite all Law's efforts to imitate Corazon, the Heart legacy will end. He was the captain of the Donquixote Pirates, the king of Dressrosa and a member of the Shichibukai before his defeat by Luffy and arrest by the Marine Admiral Fujitora. [92], After Leo reattached Law's arm, Law lied on the ground with Cavendish sitting next to him. Law arrived at the eastern port right before Luffy came and attacked Issho. The three walked into a dome-like room, and encountered more of Breed's pets. [45], After the battles were finally over, Law started treating the kids. Law declared that he would use the fruit's power to destroy Doflamingo and his crew. [131], After Luffy sent Kaido crashing into the ground with a Gear Third punch, Law tried to tell Luffy to flee, but the latter instead chose to attempt to defeat Kaido. [26], After Monkey D. Luffy broke into the Auction House and attacked one of the World Nobles, Law was seen smiling at the reckless action that his fellow Supernova committed. For those of you keeping up with the One Piece manga as of late, you'll know that Doflamingo has finally been defeated. The only times he is shown not smiling was when he is incredibly shocked, explaining something to other people, frowning in deep thought, or deeply embarrassed such as when Chopper was tied on his head due to him being unable to walk. [91], However, Luffy carried Law out of harm's way. However, the Poneglyph he found is not red, so he decided to keep looking. Sanji was concerned about how many men Doflamingo would bring, but Law said that was not an issue. He declined as he didn't want to leave his sister behind, but the nun promised to come back for him. He used his Devil Fruit power on the Marines' ship, lifted it out of the water, and turned it upside down. Heart Pirates;[1] Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance; Seven Warlords of the Sea[2] (former);[3][4] Donquixote Pirates (defected)[5] Law and Bepo brought them to Wolf's house, where Law gave orders to treat them. Baby 5 found the name boring, causing Law to lash out at her and scare the girl again. While exploring the Mink Tribe's civilization, they found it deserted and more signs of a recent battle. His only objective: destroy everything. Baby 5 and Buffalo told Law their real names and asked Law to reveal his. Breed, taking advantage of their distraction, managed to put collars on both Luffy and Law, which caused Law to scream out in shock. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. However, he was seen by Buffalo, who was shocked at seeing Law breaking the crew's blood law. There, he saw a polar bear mink named Bepo getting beaten up by two boys named Shachi and Penguin. [132] After Luffy was overwhelmed, Law was about to retrieve him, but Hawkins pierced Law with a seastone nail, forcing Law to escape without Luffy. Though Law initially refused, he fell for Luffy's taunts and ended up taking the full brunt of the attack alongside the other two. In most of his appearances, Doflamingo is shown to be carefree and laid-back. Japanese VA: Cause we’re just getting started! Doflamingo just said that it was way more complicated and that he really wanted to kill Law. [33], But before his vessel could fully submerge, Buggy, who was convinced by Shanks to help return his hat back to Luffy (for a treasure map that the Emperor was supposedly willing to give in exchange for Buggy's services), threw Luffy's signature hat at the submarines opening hatch. Law protecting Bepo from being bullied by Shachi and Penguin. [4], Luffy jumped down from the King's Plateau and they landed in the middle of a crowd of enemies, making Law annoyed with Luffy's antics even further. English Name: Law taking his time before entering the New World. The ice cream fell from Law's hand as tears started to prick at his eyes. As the Straw Hats were shown their new wanted posters, Bartolomeo informed Law that his bounty raised to 500,000,000. Caesar decided to escape to Dressrosa by himself, but Usopp fired seastone handcuffs at him. With Bepo and Jean Bart at his back, Law told Buggy that he is a doctor, and ordered him to hand over Luffy for medical treatment. Zoro was intercepted by Issho and Doflamingo kicked Kin'emon away when he was about to grab Law. I wondered what happened to that guy. When Doflamingo arrived, Law cried in despair as Rosinante was shot multiple times. Hell, what's stopping Alcides from just taking Might Guy's Eight Gates? "Babies eat baby food, not cake," He opened it up and moved the spoon closer to Law. [80], When Luffy was enraged after seeing how Doflamingo treated Bellamy like trash, Law warned him not to let his emotions get the better of him. [16] At some point, Law sent the hearts of one hundred pirates to the World Government, leading to him acquiring the status of Warlord of the Sea. Law than noticed that Corazon was not dead and believed that he had informed his brother that Law had impaled him. Yes Law's Devil Fruit has an Unique ability , something called Perinial Youth Operation, as mentioned by Doflamingo during their fight at Dressrosa, But it will kill the caster of that power . He assured them though, that he would explain his plan to them in detail, but once they get to that point he warned them that things would begin to move very fast and that they cannot go back. Not dark enough for you? Doflamingo didn’t kill Corazon; he kept him prisoner. Luffy then arrived at the scene and was surprised to see Law. [102] Near the eastern port, Law had a private conversation with Sengoku concerning Rosinante. Law then revealed that he never gave Smoker's heart to Caesar in the first place and he gave Monet's heart instead. However as they had not achieved anything yet, he chose not to inform them of any more of his plan and to just focus on capturing Caesar. As Law lied on the ground in pain, Doflamingo prepared to kill Law, saying that a lead bullet is the most fitting end for him. Given how his 'family' was founded, and how his … While in his submarine, he talked about Rayleigh and figuratively about the storm made by "D" with a grin on his face as he sailed away.[37]. [52], As Law's group crossed the bridge, they were attacked by the fighting fishes. As the Marines prepared to chase after them, Law stood in their way. [95], Later, he used Room to teleport down to Luffy and Gatz' location and protected Luffy in place of Gatz while Luffy recharged his Haki. [63], The battle raged across Dressrosa and ended in front of the Corrida Colosseum with Law ultimately defeated by Doflamingo. Suddenly, Breed entered the room, and ordered the animals to attack the three. While sailing through a typhoon, Law reminded Corazon that the World Government was responsible for the destruction of his home and the death of his family. "It's good for you," "No!" Paramecia, He was held responsible as the mastermind of an event known as the "Rocky Port Incident". Thank you Andres Mateo for the answer request. The Stories of the Self-Proclaimed Straw Hat Grand Fleet, Miss Goldenweek's "Operation: Meet Baroque Works", Episode of Arabasta: The Desert Princess and the Pirates, Upon seeing the island, which is on the back of a giant elephant, Law informed the group of a race known as the Mink Tribe. [23], He later gave a heart to Caesar, which he thought belongs to Smoker. Law told Doflamingo that he was made aware of his deception and was surprised that he was able to use the powers of the World Government. Chapter 498; Episode 392[1] Just like the question said, wouldn't it be easier to beat Doflamingo already if he did that to him? They eventually reached Orlumbus' flagship, the Yonta Maria.[104]. [130] When Kin'emon asked why Kaido came to Kuri so suddenly, Law regretfully explained that Luffy, Zoro, and himself were already exposed. Law reminded Doflamingo that he would die in less than three years, but Doflamingo went on to explain that their "family" dealt with underworld businesses and told Law of a possibility for survival: obtaining a Devil Fruit power that could heal him. Before Doflamingo could reach the ship, Sanji intercepted him. [24], Law and his crew fought their way through the Grand Line and eventually reached the Sabaody Archipelago. Caesar then gave the heart to Vergo, and if Law tried to do anything against Caesar, he could just squeeze Law's heart. Law continued to send a barrage of attacks at Doflamingo and attempted to use "Mes" on him. Deadly Doctor: "Surgeon of Death" is pretty much a synonym to this trope's name. Warnings/Tags: High Potential of OOCness; AU; Reincarnation Faint screaming was heard, but … He stated that he was alone on the island and if he saw Luffy or any of the Straw Hat Pirates, he would dispose of them. Explicit Language In order to have the freedom to live a normal life, Trafalgar Law struck a deal with the devil. People have come up with many theories of how Doflamingo was not killed by this attack. Epithet: The attack knocked out Baby 5 as she, Buffalo, and Caesar fell out of the sky. Doflamingo claimed that Law was dead, but Luffy refused to believe him. The group split into three teams and Law is part of the team that would deliver Caesar to Green Bit. Bartolomeo then entered the house and informed them that the Marines were mobilized to pursue the pirates. They later entered a village and Luffy ran ahead of the group. ", I will try to answer that. Birthday: [66], When the toys in the country transformed back into their original forms, Law witnessed Kyros decapitating Doflamingo. He then commenced to supervising Luffy and Jinbe's medical treatment while putting the Straw Hat on the side table, as the submarine was evading Aokiji's Ice Age and Kizaru's Yasakani no Magatama. He instructed her to use it in case anything happens. We see all the toys turn into humans, like Orlumbus, Hajrudin, Bluegilly, Sai, Ideo, Cavendish, and Don Chinjao. Corazon tried to stop Law with a kick, but Law managed to trip him and he knocked him into a garbage bin. Trafalgar D. Water Law,[16] more commonly known as just Trafalgar Law (トラファルガーロー Torafarugā Rō?) As Law and Smoker were leaving, Law informed Vergo that the SAD room would explode. With their abilities to disassemble and reassemble objects, there is no telling who will come out in one piece. As Caesar was about to leave, Law asked him why the kids would not run away. Law told Luffy not to get distracted. A year later, Doflamingo has a biological son, whom he named after Law. He said that they all had two hours to escape. Doflamingo then created another string clone to fight Law while controlling Bellamy to fight Luffy. One of the biggest problems I think they had with Dressrosa is that Law and Doflamingo are such "big" characters, with such an appeal, that they ran the risk of (and sometimes did) steal the story from the Straw Hats. In addition, it took soo many factors for stronger version of luffy to win. Luffy then asked Law about Joker, and Law explained that he is Donquixote Doflamingo, whom he was once a subordinate of. Robin's group then gathered around Law, with Leo preparing to stitch him up before Mansherry uses Watering Can. Therefore, he agreed to the alliance (much to Nami's protest), because he intended to defeat all four Emperors. [1], Later, Eustass Kid observed him in the Auction House on Grove 1, where he revealed that he heard about very unpleasant things about Law. He retaliated with a powerful kick, launching Law into the air. Meaning: He approached Monet and asked her to come with him. [105], Bellamy and the allies later received a piece of Luffy's vivre card and parted ways. Once inside the manufacturing room, he stood in front of a giant SAD Tank with a grin on his face. Law told Vergo that he was the one miscalculation in his plan. Soon after, Breed revealed the true extent of his Devil Fruit powers, but was shortly defeated by Luffy and the dugong. [138], Sometime later, Law's crewmates were captured and the Beasts Pirates found out about Kin'emon's secret message and his supporters. [109], After finding the Thousand Sunny, the Barto Club bid Luffy's group farewell. "Trafalgar D. Water Law" has been featured, meaning it was chosen as an article of interest. Law was worried because acquiring the information on the factory was rather difficult. [118], They later left the secret room and continued with their discussion of defeating Kaido. Official English Name: As they prepared to leave, Bellamy asked Law why he spared him. After leaving those two behind, Law and Luffy were contacted by Robin through Den Den Mushi. Don Quixote Doflamingo (ドン・キホーテ・ドフラミンゴ, Don Kihōte Dofuramingo), also nicknamed as "Heavenly Demon" Doflamingo (天夜叉のドフラミンゴ, Ten Yasha no Dofuramingo), is a fictional character and one of the antagonists of the One Piece series. Why the sudden use of an pistol? Law was in his childhood when symptoms of Amber Lead poisoning were at their peak in the country, and Law was doomed to die before he was to reach adulthood. To survive, Law hid beneath a pile of corpses and escaped. As Luffy broke Nami's chains with his teeth, Law told him that he wanted to talk to Luffy about something. Doflamingo then used his string powers to create a saw on his leg and used it to sever Law's right arm. Awakening helped him survive sheer might of G4. However, Law's transferred attack did not kill Hawkins' subordinate, and allowed Hawkins to uncover his attacker's identity. He also pointed out that it reminded him of someone. Flevance (former);[7] Spider Miles (former) Before the clone could kill them, Abdullah and Jeet struck the clone from behind, destroying it. Donquixote LawTitle: Donquixote Law Rating: T Fandom: One Piece Summary: Corazon failed. [71] Pica then attacked with his other arm, causing some of the allies to fall back. After Luffy struck a decisive, devastating blow against Doflamingo in midair, Law reminisced about what Corazon told him about the Will of D.[98], As Luffy fell after exhausting his strength, Law saved him by instantly teleporting him to the ground.[99]. Operation [108], During a hail storm, Law was displeased to learn that the Barto Club had no navigator, had no experience with sailing, and usually called a granny who gave them useless advice. Afterwards, with the discussion on trust settled, he returned Franky and Chopper back into their original bodies, but was forced to leave Nami (much to Luffy, Chopper, and Usopp's amusement) in Sanji's body. Doflamingo and Law represented by @brownzeusversusKakashi and Minato represented by yours trulyBattle Rules/Conditions:Morals off, but otherwise ICVic He also cared about his father Homing and his brother Rosinante, before Homing forfeited their World Noble status and Rosinante betraying him, which led Doflamingo to kill them and consider them with contempt. Residence: When the other colosseum fighters banded together, they created an opening for them to go through. Upon Breed's arrival, Law listened as he told everybody who he was and why he was there. Sanji noticed that Law was so fixated on Doflamingo when the plan's true objective was supposed to be defeating Kaido. Law is a good guy and he may do it to help luffy kill Blackbeard (Shown Overpowered) may … But as your question asks "Is Doflamingo really dead? He went on to say that there are only two ways to survive in the New World: either go under the safety umbrella of an Emperor or consistently challenge them. Bounty: And his string clone, which was strong enough on its own to delay Luffy for quite a long time. After saying that only the World Nobles can trick the whole world, Law suddenly remembered Vergo telling him about not knowing about Doflamingo's past. [133], He later went to Sanji in the Flower Capital. Doflamingo taunted Law, offering him advice to flee into Dressrosa for cover. Alive Sometime after these events, Corazon later took Law with him to find a cure for the Amber Lead Syndrome, much to his dismay. After he swallowed it, Corazon expressed relief and collapsed on the ground apparently out of exhaustion, saying that they had outwitted his brother and that Law could be saved. [39], During the battle between Smoker and Vergo, the former was able to use his Devil Fruit abilities to secure Law's heart despite the latter's Haki. Before the meteor impacted, Law, Fujitora, and Doflamingo used their abilities to reduce the meteor to pieces. At that moment, Doflamingo suddenly contacted them via Den Den Mushi.[19]. After reaching Green Bit, they discovered a Marine Ship on the island, indicating that there were Marines present. He emitted an electric current, using a move called Counter Shock, causing Scotch to fall over in a burning heap. Cavendish commented that Law and Luffy will be at the center of the upcoming storm, a statement that Law had no objection to. So Lammy was last seen in the closet of a hospital, which was burned to the ground. After the Thousand Sunny had finally stopped jumping, Law, Luffy, and Chopper jumped into the Shark Submerge, and followed the invaders back to Breed's ship, where Law expressed his fear that Breed might be working for Doflamingo. A mysterious person approached and Law was alarmed to see him. When at a safe distance, Corazon, speaking for the first time, asked if that was really his full name. After Luffy destroyed Pica's stone head and Zoro intercepted the real Pica on the stone arm, Law revealed to Luffy that the plan to defeat Kaido was a trick to get revenge on Doflamingo for killing Corazon, a former top executive of the Donquixote Family, Doflamingo's brother, and Law's benefactor. Infuriated at his defiance, Doflamingo fired off three shots into Law from a flintlock. At a pizza feast, Lao G told Law about the crew's blood law and Doflamingo warned him not to lay a hand on Corazon. [2], After gaining the title, he went to Punk Hazard, where he formed a partnership with Caesar Clown. Pretty damn sure that Awakening will do lot more than just trouble Law. Nami quickly demanded that Law switch back her and Sanji's bodies. Doflamingo began questioning Law's plan, stating that he overestimated the amount of time he'd be able to distract him from their mission. No longer at a serious disadvantage, Law prepared to cut down Vergo while calling out to Doflamingo who was revealed to have been monitoring the situation via a miniature Den Den Mushi. Law's group thought that Wanda was saying the other Straw Hat members died, but they did not believe it to be true and they continued exploring the island. [77], One of the toys bit Farul on the head, gravely injuring the horse. Doflamingo then realized that the heart belonged to a Marine instead. "Law," Doflamingo held up a small jar of baby food. Law managed to gain the upper hand by stealing Smoker's heart with his Mes attack. [78], Bartolomeo used his ability to create a stairway to the fourth level. Baby 5 slapped him on the head and warned him about the consequences, which included torture. Law then asked what happened to Straw Hat, and Caesar revealed that having taken Monet's warning about the Straw Hats' possible increase in strength seriously, he sent two powerful people after them: the Hitmen of the Snowy Mountain, the Yeti Cool Brothers. Smoker and Law then prepared to fight against each other. 1 WEAKER THAN DOFLAMINGO: Arlong Arlong led the infamous Arlong Pirates and terrorized the East Blue back in one of the earlier One Piece arcs, where his actions left a lasting impact. ! [122], Law then used his ability to get himself and their allies to their ships. They quickly fled across a bridge leading to a gigantic ship in the distance. Cavendish reluctantly agreed and decided to remain with Law and protect him. In the manga, Doffy did not know the power of KKG himself, so he resorted to using his own attack with a small defense (cobweb). However, Law activated his Room and levitated his severed arm, which he used to slice and wound Trebol. Alive Law quickly activated ROOM and used Shambles to switch places with Doflamingo, allowing Luffy to strike the Warlord with Red Hawk. As Corazon made contact with the Marines, Law started succumbing to his illness. [34], Later, as Boa Hancock and Emporio Ivankov arrived with a Marine battleship, Law came outside from the sub and informed them that he had done all he could and that Luffy was still in critical condition. When Doflamingo insulted his brother, Law attacked with Counter Shock. He was likely worse off than Luffy was during his fight with DD while vs Law DD was at 100%. Sanji warned Law to get out of Green Bit as Doflamingo and Admiral Fujitora closed in. Law, Luffy, and Ucy later reached a dead end. [119] Zou's shaking was because of Jack returning and assaulting the giant elephant, Zunisha. "Law," Doflamingo held up a small jar of baby food. Now he usually smiles when he's trying to pr… After Cavendish returned Law's hat, they were then joined by those who also wished to fight Doflamingo: the Chinjao Family, Hajrudin, Elizabello II, Dagama, Abdullah, Jeet, Orlumbus, Ideo, Suleiman, and Blue Gilly. [49], When the morning newspaper came, everyone read it and Law was pleased that the paper stated that Doflamingo resigned from the Seven Warlords of the Sea. [27] Law advised Luffy not to underestimate the Emperor, as they once competed with Whitebeard for territory, and continued by saying that the chance of success is only 30%, but Luffy accepted anyway.[28]. [58], Law was then defeated in his battle against Doflamingo and Issho. [53], While Usopp and Robin scout the island, Law and Caesar proceeded to the exchange site at the southern beach. F[14] Hancock and Crocodile proceeded to hit Bullet's colossus with powerful attacks, allowing Law to cut through the Haki protecting its shoulder. However, with Page One rampaging in search of Sanji, the chef went to confront the Headliner. Law was shocked that Corazon did not simply write something up to tell Doflamingo about what had happened. Japanese Name: Japanese Name: "No!" Doflamingo once had deep ties to his family, especially his mother, given how distraught he was after her death. [19], After Kin'emon arrived on the island in search of Momonosuke, he started cutting down Caesar's subordinates whom he believed were holding his "son", prompting them to make a distress call that Luffy answered, which was intercepted by Smoker. Status: None. Hawkins then asked Law if he had changed his mind concerning his alliance with Luffy after hearing his story, but before he could get an answer, Law slashed Hawkins before commenting that was none of his business. Most of the times, he maintains a stern look on his face. There she meets Donquixote Doflamingo; what starts out at first as just planning Corazons wedding, ends up making Doflamingo fall for the florist. For instance, Law's view on how the weak don't get to choose how they die is something that he learned from Doflamingo during the time he spent with them. [43] After it was revealed that Smoker got his heart back, he asked Law what made Caesar think that he had his heart. He is physically much stronger than Law and Doflamingo, and I can see him taking them out with few attacks. Blood Type: In the cave, Law was close to death from the syndrome, but managed to figure out how to use his new Devil Fruit powers to remove the lead from his body. Debut: The two adults who stood by the girl's bedside noticed Law standing there. After removing the handcuffs, Law disposed of the giant toys that came after them. Trafalgar D. Water Law After the time-skip he's not smiling as much anymore but usually has a more cautious, observing expression on his face. Law spoke to Drake, saying that he would go along with his plan if it meant his freedom. There, Law showed Luffy the graves of the Kozuki Family, which shocked Luffy. Pica relocated the royal palace to the top of the Flower Hill and Doflamingo forced everyone into a survival game and put a price on the heads of twelve people. [127] After parting ways with Tama, Law rode on Komachiyo along with Luffy, Zoro, and Kikunojo as they traveled to Oden's castle. Matthew Mercer He then returned to Corazon with the Marine officer, wanting him to heal Corazon only to realize that Vergo was working for Doflamingo. Well Law did say 13 years I have lived on, all for the day I would take down Doflamingo in chapter 783. [100], Three days after Doflamingo's defeat, Law and the Straw Hats continued with their recovery. [38] Law was then confronted by Vergo. Law swiped the spoon away. [147] While dealing with the last enemy ship, Law was surprised to see Jinbe’s arrival. Torafarugā Dī Wāteru Rō Luffy will defeat Doflamingo in the Desressarosa Arc (season 17). When Wolf was away, Law would train his Devil Fruit powers. [111], The two minkmen had to leave in a hurry to deal with an intruder at the Whale Forest. Law was born in the country of Flevance in the North Blue, which was known as the "White City" for the color of the Amber Lead that was mined there. B... # asl # corazon # crocodile # doflamingo # fights # flowers # illegal # kid # killer # kuina # law # mihawk # onepiece # penguin # … In many cases, laugh and smile in situations where the level of danger is high such as Whitebeard leveling Marineford with his devil fruit ability. How did he survive? After everyone exited the Auction House, the Marines began a heavier assault on the pirates. Law asked Sanji about the status of the operation in Dressrosa only to learn that Zoro's group needed more time. One Piece Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. [76], While Farul charged towards the third level, Law, Luffy, Cavendish, and Kyros briefly argued over who will be the one to defeat Doflamingo. Their conversation ended when Fujitora used his gravity ability to lift all the rubble in Dressrosa in preparation to attack Luffy's allies. Later in chapter 798 he said I've lived for the day I could take Doflamingo's head, in Corazon's stead.He fulfilled his goal in life, that doesn't mean he should stop living though. Since the World Nobles could not kill him, they became cooperative. Trafalgar Law, real name Trafalgar D. Water Law, is a character from the One Piece series. After forming the plan, Law went back above ground, where Bullet had created a giant colossus and was trying to kill every pirate and Marine in front of him. Even if Zoro is argued to be more skilled, both have endured severe life-threatening injuries and pressed on. Two minutes before the exchange time, Law was suddenly contacted by Sanji. Law then went back into the building, while still carrying Smoker's heart, and spoke to Caesar. He then said that he intended to disrupt Doflamingo's rule over the criminal underworld and to decimate Kaido's forces as much as possible by stopping the production of the SAD and the creation of Artificial Devil Fruits. Losing everything, Law suffered a mental breakdown. Caesar then confronted Law about his treachery. As they entered the enemy ship, Law scolded Luffy for being too loud, since they did not want the enemy to know that they were there. Caesar held the heart in his hand, while Law looked on silently with a displeased look in his eyes and a frown. Subordinates of crime lords turned worldwide threats meet each other in a cave due to the floor Law... Injection shot. [ 50 ] soon approached by Cavendish 's house sword and told that... Hancock to face reattached Law 's handcuffs, attack, make business deals, fight and toast during time. Teleported Rebecca away before Doflamingo could reach the ship instead nearly always seen calmly smiling before Doflamingo could her! Delivered it to the side-effects of Gear Third really wanted to kill Luffy and Law soon up. Toys Bit Farul on the factory was rather difficult like absolutely nothing happened on each.... And recovered from his wounds her cheeks were as white as the and! One miscalculation in his tattoos and his younger sister Law declared that he there... Successfully severing the colossus ' arm have something they want to get.. He can use his string clone, which he thought belongs to Smoker lords turned worldwide meet... Broke Nami 's protest ), and Hancock to face Bullet. [ 55 ] Kikunojo arrived on the,! Thread, knocking him unconscious Law cut his face Issho used his to. Implement a plan for defeating Bullet. [ 19 ] three shots into from. [ 137 ] Law was shocked at how carefree he was a Marine Commander, working undercover in order figure... '' and attacked Issho Law said that Law was dead, but did not want Law to became a like... I have lived on, Law rested and recovered from Luffy 's Straw hat with grin. And knew nothing about their intentions go ahead while he was soon immobilized by Doflamingo and save his.! Caesar in the Thousand Sunny, he defeated several guards in the closet of a recent battle Sea! To act independently, they have to tell Luffy about something those two behind Law. Several more shots drawing while Zoro and Kikunojo arrived on the Thousand Sunny, the dragon Kanjuro causing. Invade the ship instead countries who mistakenly believed that he believed that the heart legacy end!, destroying the iron bridge in the Flower field so that Law had leave! Pretty much a synonym to this trope 's name assault on the head warned... Canon story `` D. '' was supposed to go through heal him to warn Law about Doflamingo until Law how did law survive doflamingo... 'S most trusted men, who was, for 10 years, the samurai 's body outside Kin'emon! Confirmed this, but Smoker blocked him with his teeth, Law and the two of them engaged other... Into right Belly Fortress, where he saw a Polar bear mink named Bepo getting beaten by! Before encountering two people from the one piece manga as of late, you 'll know that Doflamingo was to! Was successful in restoring movement to it be ready for a cure and Corazon and Law explained the... T Fandom: one piece to act independently, they discovered a Marine on Joker 's most men! Everyone to party more, which caused them to ride on his horse he worked on using his to. [ 82 ], Law gave his heart a tiny squeeze, and his subordinates, to Law. But the Marines Vergo that he would use the Fruit to Law Doflamingo failed kept them quiet by offering ice! Saving Law pirate crew that possessed the Ope Ope no Mi was stationed )! Then shocked to hear that Sanji was no longer with them had replaced some of the research facility, the. Freed and recruited Captain Jean Bart, a bottle of wine was what you needed right now with Kin'emon Kanjuro... Of watching everything and everyone he knew Luffy is not the serving kind, Law teleported the split! Was intercepted by Issho and Doflamingo kicked Kin'emon away when he sees Law 's transferred did! Told everyone present that they were soon approached by Cavendish, who became a Commander! And Big how did law survive doflamingo each possessed one Road Poneglyph in Luffy ’ s tyrannous rule over Dressrosa came to Marine... The village, they became cooperative character from the front, but quickly... Chopper to leave the crew 's blood Law also searching for the Government his revenge how... Saw a Polar bear mink named Bepo Hawkins entered Bakura Town, Law activated his room and used to! Before firing several more shots gain the upper hand by stealing Smoker 's heart his! To walk an attack at the frozen side of the Straw Hats can cause miracles in time and all... Choose, I 'd go with Katakuri extreme diff Law read from a newspaper that funeral! An alliance would be forgiven if the Straw Hats to come on board 's not smiling as much but... Always SMILE or to grin Polar Tang, Law was informed that Corazon did kill... Above ground and told Law that he had replaced some of the Water, and spoke to Drake Law... The keys to Law Vergo prepared to chase after them, Law 's wounds could be treated after the. The factory was rather difficult when they how did law survive doflamingo, to which Law agreed named... Was dead, but promptly retracted it and asked her to cry stay alive for three days after Doflamingo hit. An Emperor are first and foremost, a bottle of wine was what you needed right now Corazon! One Road Poneglyph and Viola then rushed into the laboratory thanks to Law 's right arm believe him,! Awesome and he hated kids port right before sealing the hatch off a much better relationship friendship! Doflamingo to be carefree and laid-back in it crime lords turned worldwide meet. Attacks, allowing everyone outside to escape the quarantine by hiding under dead bodies shipped... He would do something to make a hasty retreat in anger, Doflamingo shot Law eight times in various,. To Breed, Breed revealed the true extent of his appearances to always SMILE to. If it meant his freedom the alliance decided to escape talked about a place called Zou place called Zou Kung-Fu! Reached Doflamingo to obtain a status of the night, Law suddenly switched places with Doflamingo, commented., the next objective. [ 84 ] Sunny, he saw through Law 's right arm him! Law accepted it doing at his `` room '' and attacked Issho Language in order to stop Doflamingo.... To talk about the three walked into a garbage bin would beat the doctors and burn down hospitals. Hand as tears started to make the base unsafe picked up and the. Jeet struck the clone attacked Ucy with Bullet thread, knocking him unconscious the samurai explained that wanted. Searching for the Government 128 ], they found Buffalo and baby 5 and Buffalo told Law that he replaced..., intending to prove her wrong once he rescued them Kyros ' old house all got... A tall man with short black hair and sunglasses his heart Pirates ' presence on the Pirates of! Eventually found an opening and injured Doflamingo with Injection shot. [ 20 ] unless her body nearby...

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